PVC Curtains Enhance Free Flow Play at Schools

It seems that for children, play is the language of childhood in which they are encouraged to use props, devise rules and immerse themselves in their imaginations all the while encouraging behavioural development, brain growth and cognitive skills.

According to Play England, this concept of Free Play is defined as “children choosing what they want to do, how they want to do it and when to stop and try something else”.

Child development theorist Tina Bruce states that the scale of involvement in play is hugely important as “concentration is the greater predictor of academic success”. This suggests that the encouragement of free flow play nurtures the ability to deeply focus in later life, harnessing academic success and creative thinking.

 Whilst interesting you may be wondering why Free Flow Play is of interest to us?

Well, as a result of the revised practice guidance issued by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) in September 2012 for Early Years Foundation Stage there is an increasing requirement for children to be able to continue free play with ‘free flow’ between indoor and outdoor environments in nurseries and schools.

This is where we come in.

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Our easy to install plastic curtain strips offer the ideal solution for any classroom environment where ‘free flow play’ is encouraged.

Inspiring free flow play lends the class room to the varying conditions of British weather and leaving the door open is not always an ideal option. You may even be concerned about small hands trapped in doorways in an attempt to escape to outdoor play.

An integrated indoor-outdoor system

These high quality PVC strips are designed with fantastic insulation properties allowing you to leave the door open whilst maintaining a warm classroom, preventing heat waste and ultimately saving you money. Not only can they maintain heat but also guard against draft, cold and flying debris such as leaves and litter.

These easy to install curtains can be fitted to almost any outward opening door. The strips are attached to their rail by hook and eye which can be easily removed and replaced if necessary ensuring simple access for cleaning and maintenance.

Internal PVC Curtain 090409 004

The transparent PVC material not only lets in a lot of natural light but allows constant visibility to the outside play area.

Our solution

As The Early Years Foundation Stage framework states, “young children should be outdoors as much as indoors and need a well-designed, well organised integrated indoor-outdoor environment, preferably with indoors and outdoors available simultaneously”.

With our PVC strips not only will you save on your heating bill, but you can help aid in creating a safe environment in which young children can thrive.

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