Bespoke Folding Partitions and Walls

As a manufacturer of folding walls and partitions for buildings of all kinds, we can make your room partition exactly how you want it. We aren’t phased if you have a room with irregular height ceiling areas or if you need your partition to curve around an awkward area of the space.

We will assess your premises and design a solution to match your needs perfectly, then we make the fabric concertina style partition in our factory to your exact specifications including colour and install it with the minimum of disruption to your school or business.

Irregular Height ceilings

Many older buildings rarely have any perfectly straight walls or right angles. In fact we completed a job recently where the ceiling was completely irregular heights. As you can see from the picture below, this is no problem and a neat solution was incorporated into the design and build of these folding partitions.

Folding fabris concertina walls with irregular ceiling heights - Buliding Additions Bristol

Curved Folding Walls

Some premises need to have their flexible space organised a bit differently to the norm! This restaurant needed to be able to screen off the serving areas for parts of the day. Because of the shape of the room, a curved partition was the best solution.

Curved Folding Walls in White concertina fabric - building Additions Bristol


Folding Walls with vision panels

This was an unusual situation where the school needed to have a vision panel added to the folding wall so that even when the classroom was divided it was still possible to peak through with the unique viewing panel that we added.

blue fabric folding walls with clear vision panel - Building Additions Bristol


Creating a corner room

Most of our customers want a simple folding wall to divide a room in half to create two similar sized spaces. But sometimes the need is a little more complicated. In this instance, a small corner room was needed. Allowing a small sized room to be created off the main room for part of the time, then easily opened up again when required.

white concertina folding wall used to create a corner room Bristol - Building Additions


Moveable corridors

And it’s not just rooms that we can create! This school needed moveable corridors! In many educational buildings, there is a lot of movement of people and children needing to get from one building or room to another. With so many activities going on in each part of a building it was necessary to have this flexible corridor system built in order to keep different groups of children from disrupting each other.

using blue folding walls to create temporary corridors in schools in Bristol - Building Additions

How can we help you?

Do you have the need for creating flexible space in your premises? Whatever the space issue you might have, we can help you create the best solution – call us today on 01373 454577.