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Creating Multi functional Space In Universities

Bournemouth University partition system

Bournemouth University

In universities, space is usually at a premium. With the multitude of different courses available and various different activities taking place space has to be versatile and able to adapt to activities quickly and efficiently.

Our movable walls and folding partitions have been successfully implemented in several universities and colleges across the UK, providing a cost effective solution to space issues in several communal spaces including:

  • Lecture theatres, seminar rooms and workshops – enabling events to be held simultaneously such as exams and meetings.
  • Canteens and dining halls and other communal spaces
  • Libraries and function rooms – these spaces will benefit from the acoustic ratings of our walls, reducing the impact excess noise from one group might have on the other
  • Stages, with the number or different societies and extracurricular activities available at universities, a fabric partition on-stage will enable two groups to practice at once with minimal distractions

Our newest folding wall system was recently introduced to our collection, the new stylish system is easier than ever to operate, perfect for when the layout of the room needs to be changed throughout the day, available in a range of styles with the option of graphic printing for truly unique customisation.

All our systems are manufactured in-house and Building Additions will be your sole point of contact throughout product selection, manufacture, installation and aftercare – meaning no extra expense is required for 3rd party contractors.

Health and Safety Obligations

Our systems are designed to keep you compliant with the requirements set by the Department of Education and Skills. Having completed work in many Schools, Colleges and Universities over the years –choosing Building Additions for your movable wall or partition ensures peace of mind.

Regular maintenance of your partition system is required by law to comply with Health and Safety obligations and failure to comply can result in fines in the event of an injury. Building Additions are on hand to help you comply with regulation by providing ongoing maintenance of your system by a qualified engineer; as well as providing you with necessary paperwork should evidence be required.

Our regular maintenance contracts are a cost effective way of ensuring your wall system is compliant and working at its best.

Need A Hand?

If you’re considering installing a partition system or moveable wall in your university premises, give us a call on 01373 45477 to discuss what we can offer you.



What partition product is most suitable for use in our school?

It very much depends on your exact requirements including the acoustic performance you are looking for, whether the room will support a top hung system and your budget. We are happy to make a no obligation site visit to discuss your specific requirements in more detail. Call our team on 01373 454577 to arrange a convenient appointment.

What partition product is most suitable for use in our university or college?

It very much depends on your exact requirements however, many education environments find that a concertina fabric partition gives them a cost effective and practical solution which is easily operated as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

Do I need to use an architect or sort out a building contractor?

No, we provide a full service covering site survey, design, build and installation of your partition so you do not need to employ any additional companies.

We have strict Health & Safety obligations to follow can you help us with this?

Yes, we have worked with many schools, colleges and nurseries and understand the health and safety obligations you have to meet. All of our products comply with the Department of Education and Skills Guidelines for Partitions in Schools which you can download here.

We also include regular maintenance as part of our after care service to ensure you continue to meet your Health & Safety obligations. Contact us on 01373 454577 to arrange an inspection or find out more.