“Purefold is a bi-folding internal glass system with nylon ball bearing rollers to allow a silent and smooth

operation.. The product consists of two to six glass panels, due to the design it is a frameless arrangement which enables easy installation into any space. This modern folding room divider is stylish and particularly suits offices or commercial buildings. But it is suitable for practicallyany internal domestic or commercial application, including separating internal living spaces or meeting rooms, offices and staff break out areas.

The glass can be either 10mm or 12mm thick and the patchwork fittings can be either in Satin or Polished stainless steel depending on your requirements.

Glass Wall partitions are designed with aesthetics on mind, they fit together without the need for an unsightly frame. No light is blocked out when the partition is closed whichmakes the space feel bigger and brighter creating a beautiful look. All the glass in installed by professionals and can incorporate a variety of manifestations that can be applied to enhance the finish.”


  • Nylon ball bearing rollers
  • Operable by one person
  • Frameless design
  • Choice of glass thickness


  • Full versatility on use of space
  • Allows light through
  • Silent operation
  • Aesthetically Pleasing


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