Commercial Partition Service and Repair

Preventative Maintenance and Repair Service

Ensuring the continuous operation of your movable wall or folding partition

Whilst our commercial partitions and operable walls are designed to last for years, as an established folding partitions company we recommend regular servicing and maintenance to ensure they continue to work smoothly and retain their acoustic integrity.

Our after care service includes regular scheduled servicing which can identify potential issues before they become a serious problem and costly to fix. The majority of small repairs can be made during the service visit for minimum inconvenience.

Alternatively, we can complete one off repairs as needed to fix particular issues or replace faulty parts regardless of whether the wall or partition system was originally supplied by us or another company.

Helping you to meet your Health & Safety obligations

In addition to ensuring its continued smooth operation, regular maintenance of your partition system is required by law in order to ensure you meet your Health & Safety obligations.

Under current Health & Safety Legislation all movable wall systems and folding partitions must be regularly inspected and tested, with minor repairs made and all moving parts adjusted and lubricated. Additionally a record of regular maintenance and repairs should be maintained.

Failure to meet these regulations can result in large fines or prosecution in the event of an injury where duty of care has not been exercised.

Building Additions can help you to meet your Health and Safety obligations by servicing and maintaining your partition system by a properly qualified engineer and providing you with all of the necessary paperwork to be able to provide evidence to HSE if required.

Call our team to arrange a service visit for your movable wall or partition system and start meeting your H&S requirements today.

Regular Maintenance Contracts for Maximum Peace of Mind

Our scheduled maintenance contracts ensure cost effective regular servicing of your partition wall with the frequency of service visits tailored to the level of use of your partition system.

Benefits of a Building Additions maintenance contract include:

  • 15% discount on our standard servicing costs
  • Tailored service plans dependant on the level of use
  • Priority response for breakdown call outs for maintenance clients
  • Reminder service to ensure you don’t miss required inspections
  • Full audit trail for Health & Safety obligations

Find out more about what is included in our service agreements in our Q&A’s or alternatively call our team today on 01373 454577 to arrange a maintenance contract for your operable wall or folding partition system.