Our A to Z Guide of Building Additions

This month we are bringing you the best of Building Additions with our A to Z guide of our company and services.

Have a read through, you may be surprised at just how much we have to offer.

Building Additions from A to Z

A| After Care Services – We recommend regular scheduled services to avoid any potential & costly issues, give us a call on 01373 454577 and arrange a meeting today.

B| Blog – Check out our monthly blog posts for the latest Building Additions news, case studies and fun pieces like this.

C| Commercial – Commercial spaces are the ideal environment for moving walls and folding partitions. Why? You can take full advantage and maximise the space you already have for all those meetings or workplace events.


D| Discussion – As part of our mission to provide a comprehensive service, we offer an initial client consultation. We can discuss what your requirements and advise you on the next step including the most practical, efficient and cost effective solution for you.

E| Eco – For many reasons our products can be considered environmentally friendly; not only do we use natural materials in manufacture but dividing a room can cut heating and lighting bills in the winter months.

F| Fabric – Concertina walls are a simple solution for solving your space issues. These are particularly ideal for educational premises when you need to reconfigure a room quickly with ease.

G| Glass – Glass systems are an ideal solution for many commercial environments such as offices. You don’t have to compromise on unsightly frames and can still benefit from light across the office.glass-banner-two

H| Hinged Panels –We have a solution for everyone. If ceiling hung systems just aren’t an option, do not despair – take a look at our multifold partitions. Designed with individually hinged panels, multifold partitions are a perfect solution for rooms with restricted ceiling options or even for those who simply require fast layout changes.

I| Inflated prices? Not here – At Building Additions we have a wide range of products that won’t break the bank.

J| Joists – Here at Building Additions we are very experienced in working with older style buildings where there may be joists or other architectural challenges to overcome.

K| Keep Calm – Let us figure the whole thing out for you from initial assessment, though design, manufacture, installation and training and after care.hinged

L| Limitless Possibilities – Whatever your building or premises we will have a solution to give you the flexibility that you need to make the most of your space.

M| Martyn Ferris – Did you know that we sponsored Martyn this year as he took on the a number of Hill Climbing events?

N| Noise reduction – Whilst multi-functional spaces are excellent, you don’t want to be bombarded with other people’s noise whilst you work. Why not try a soundproof acoustic wall?

O| Operable – An interlocking systems with individual panels allows for a movable wall system offering the same quality, aesthetics and even sound reduction as other more permanent systems. You can even store away the panels when they are not needed.

large sliding partition in a commercial venue top hung

P| People – Our team at Building Additions offer an abundance of expertise in all areas of our business. We currently employee 13 fantastic people who are on hand to help you with enquiries, to help us with manufacturing our products as well as installing these products on site.

Q| Queries – If you have any questions our team are here to help you, so do not hesitate to give us a call on 01373 454577. We have also compiled a list of useful questions and answers you may find beneficial here.

R| Regulations – We can help you meet your health & safety regulations with our fully qualified engineers as well as providing all the necessary paperwork!Timber 6

S| Style– At Building Additions we pride ourselves on providing you with solutions that are not only practical with the highest levels of quality but those that offer style too. Take our wooden partitions for example they are an aesthetically pleasing way to manage your space with a number of finishes.

T| Twelve Month Guarantee –All of our products have been carefully designed and manufactured to last for years; but we’ll still offer you a 12 month guarantee on all your purchases.

U| Utilise Space – Make the most of your space, whether at home or the office, with folding or movable partitions.

V| Versatility – You’ll finSheff Utd 003d a wide range of designs to suit any room or to create the perfect event space.

W| Wallington Weston – Our history begins in 1896 with this gentleman who began trading in Frome nearly 120 years ago. In 1960 the company employed more than 800 people producing Marley Flooring as well as the ‘Marleyfold’ concertina doors. The current company was established in 1997 following a management buy-out from the European Vinyls Corporation who had previously acquired part of the Marley Group.

X| Xmas – if you are an education facility, the Christmas holidays can be an adequate amount of time to have us in to install a folding wall. This will minimise disruption to staff and pupils.

Y| Yes! – This is what our happy customers say when we have asked if our work has transformed their space. You can read about some of our clients here.

Z| Zombie – OK so this is cheating slightly but it is Halloween coming up so we were just getting into the spirit of things!


 More Information 

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