Why Are Glass Walls A Great Addition to the Office?

Office with glass partitionsIn recent years open plan offices have become increasingly popular amongst business’ the world over. Following on from the examples set by the likes of Google and Microsoft we came to believe that working openly would lead to increased productivity and more social work environments.

However, having implemented open office environments many companies are beginning to see that they aren’t all they are cracked up to be. In fact, recent studies suggest that open plan offices don’t actually boost productivity as much as first imagined. Glass partitions however, are an excellent solution to the potential pitfalls companies are facing due to this previous trend. Let us explain:

The Pit Falls of Open Plan Environments

Open plan offices are predominant in most working environments, especially in recent years. They offer brighter more pleasant working surroundings whilst keeping energy bills low thanks to the influx of light. An open plan area allows for the freedom of movement within a given workspace, enabling members of staff to move from one part of the office to another with minimum disruption.

However, the open space can cause problems in terms of concentration capabilities and therefore productivity. Glass partitions can offer the best of open plan environments whilst providing the missing advantage of closed off offices areas. They add the benefits of a cubicle office design with the minimum loss of space and intrusion.

Why Choose Glass Partitions?

Glass office wall

As specialists in moveable walls and partitions we know what we are talking about. And we’re here to tell you that there are a number of solid benefits to the addition of glass walls and partitions; particularly with the productivity of your staff.

Design Element

Wising to make a great first impression to existing, new, and potential clients, for many the addition of glass partitions are hugely considered simply due to their pleasing aesthetics. They fit perfectly in any contemporary office which seek a bright, clean, and modern design.

Natural Light

Maximising the amount of natural light dispersed into a room glass partition walls create a fantastic illusion of a bright and airy space. Did you know that sunlight can improve concentration and activity levels? So not only will you likely enhance the mood of your employees but will aid in minimising the expenditure on artificial lighting.

Cost Effective and Durable

With the addition of added natural light, as we previously mentioned, you can expect to reduce energy bills without the need for artificial lighting. Easily installed with minimum disruption glass wall partitions are simple yet effective refurbishments. They can be assembled and disassembled quickly requiring no structural modifications. Therefore, this is an excellent choice if you’re considering further expansion or reconstruction in the future as they can easily be taken down or moved. Additionally if you need to move offices in the future you can take them with you making relocation quick and easy.

Honest, Openness, and Communication

When glass partitions are installed in the working environment there is often an unspoken message of openness and honesty. If you think about it no one can hide, and therefore a deeper sense of trust for your company and employees follows. This will undoubtedly encourage productivity amongst staff as well as improving communication.

The added benefit of being able to approach someone you can see rather than knocking on a closed door also follows. Glass walls therefore take away the barriers of closed spaces whilst providing somewhere quiet for work and meetings.

Noise Reduction

Employers generally choose to create partitions because they effectively block noise from filtering throughout the office. And double glazing glass is no different ensuring the prevention of noise pollution which is evident in many open plan offices.

More Help and Information

If you’re looking for an innovative way of creating a separate working are whilst providing your employees the benefits of open working and spacious environments, glass walls could be the answer you’re looking for.

For more information and advice when considering a partition wall for an educational facility five our knowledgeable and experience team a call on 01373 454577.