Flexible Space Just In Time For Christmas

Nativity SceneChristmas is just around the corner. And the first term of the academic year has almost come to a close. But before you can put away the books and lock up the doors you must make it through another school nativity performance.

A long standing tradition in the majority of primary schools across the country, the School Nativity is the favourite amongst children but parents get the chance to see their little ones on stage for the first time. Swapping lessons for singing practice in the school hall might be exciting for them, but the hassles of sharing this space with the rest of the school is often problematic. This is where movable walls and folding partitions come in to play as the ideal solution for manageable space, not just for the festive season, but all year round. Find out how they can enhance the functionality of your school space here:

Setting The Scene                                                    

Recounting the story of Christmas Day, the School Nativity is performed every December nationwide. Despite a slight decrease in the tradition of this particular story in British schools, who are now favouring other secular plays to accommodate varying faiths, the amount of organisation, planning, and time is likely to be no different.

With children dressed in costume and a choir of angels eagerly racking their brains for the words they’ve been practising for weeks on end, the school hall will undoubtedly turn into a slightly chaotic and excitable space for staff.

Setting the stage and scenery is necessary weeks prior to performance in order to practice accordingly. However, this likely causes an unwelcome distraction during assemblies, particularly for younger children. Did you know that you can calculate a child’s attention span based on their age? Focusing on one task, a 5 year old is likely to only have an attention span of 5 minutes and so on.

Additionally the school hall is used for a multitude of activities including meetings, P.E. classes and potentially even examinations. Whilst rehearsals must continue, so do other such activities taking place within school buildings.

Solutions for Educational Facilities

Many educational establishments face challenges with space, or the lack of it. And every educational establishment will equally understand that every useable space needs to be managed to accommodate the increasing range of activities.

Rather than operating in one large single space, folding partitions and moveable walls allow for versatile configuration to suit the needs of varying activities. Providing privacy and segregation within minutes they are particularly useful during the festive season. With options such as moveable, operable, folding, or fabric not only do you have plenty of choice for your particular needs, but you’ll find all solutions are economical, convenient, and easy to operate.

Why not consider acoustic solutions for the ultimate experience? With a multi-functional space it is important that sound doesn’t travel between the two, particularly in educational premises where activities are taking place at the same time. Depending on the materials used for the partitions different soundproofing levels are on offer. Measured in ‘dB’ you can choose from a number of options such as:

  • Operable Walls – individual panels are built using an isolated steel frame and a multiple material infill which contributes to an enhanced acoustic performance.
  • Multi-fold – with a thickness of 68mm and hard wearing seals the tops and bottoms, multi-fold partitions offer an acoustic level of 38dB and 45dB
  • Fabric – available in four difference levels of sound reductions, 15dB, 24dB, 30dB, and 35dB we can cater to your specific sound proofing qualities.

Health and Safety Regulations

Health and Safety is paramount in any educational facility.

Therefore we have designed our products to comply with Health and Safety regulations laid down by the Department of Education and Skills. Additionally our team will ensure you meet all the criteria detailed within the Governments Guide to Partitions in School as well as taking care of everything from product selection and system design through to full installation.

We even provide a full one year guarantee on all of our products as well as regular maintenance inspections as part of our after care service so you can rest assured you continue to meet health and safety obligations.

More Help and Information

If you’re in need of a moveable wall or folding partition to enhance and improve the available space in you school, why not give our knowledgeable and experience team a call on 01373 454577.