Not just a folding wall – Design to suit the room

Versatility on event space is vital in order to be able to accommodate as many types and sizes of functions as possible. The flexibility of the usable space is a big part of that. There are so many public spaces, exhibition centres, auditoriums and educational spaces where moveable folding walls can be used to make the space as versatile as possible. We have all seen these types of wall in public venues:

large sliding partition in a commercial venue top hung

These walls can be ceiling hung or tracked at floor level depending on the suitability of the building.

But, to add a new dimension to this whole concept, what if graphics were used to either blend the wall to make it part of the room or to add further value to the room divider?

This is an example of a moveable wall that has been designed to blend with the colours and architectural feel of the restaurant where it has been installed:


Equally with this example, the design of the moveable wall adds value to the space. If it was closed completely, you may not know that you were only in a division of a room:

So aside from aesthetically pleasing designs for the moveable wall, practical or educational graphics can be printed on to the fabric to give the wall a multipurpose use. At Building Additions, we were asked to design, manufacture and install a series of moveable walls for Somerset College. You can see the full details of the project here. But here is an example of using the wall to add an educational slant to the room when divided:

moveable wall sliding room divider in a school with printed graphics on the panels

Building Additions printed fabric operable wall in a school

There are infinite ways you could choose to style or decorate your wall. Go wild!

concertina room divider or folding partitions with wild graphics printed on the fabric

Picture courtesy of

There really is no limit to what you can do in terms of the finish of your folding or moveable walls. If you have an idea we can make it happen!