Folding Wall House Emphasises Light

There are countless innovative and original architectural projects in design and production across the world every year. Yet there are rarely designs which truly cause us to stop, think and stare in awe at not only the aesthetic design but practical elements too.

This month we’d like to introduce to you this beautifully constructed home which proves how one wall, no matter how large or small, can completely transform a space.

Design Challenges

When architect firm NHA DAN Architect stepped in to create this magnificent home they had their work cut out for them.

Located in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam the 3 storey home was completed in 2013 after overcoming a number of challenges. Due to its location, the site is a rectangular lot where the sides are occupied by neighbouring multi-storey house, the building was subject to minimal space and very little natural light.

The architects’ main goals then were to bring in natural light to the bottom floors and create space for living within a small area.

And how did they do this? With one simple wall.

Folding Wall

Okay, we said simple but it may have been a little more complicated than that. In fact, as you can imagine the design of a folded wall proved quite difficult.

The architect concluded that a folding wall dividing the space would solve all their problems. How? They were able to increase useable space for the bedrooms on the top floors as well as living spaces.

Circulation elements such as stairs and hallways are situated on one side of the building whilst living areas are on the other. Dividing the interior the folded wall means that circulation space is narrowed and that more room is allocated to the main living areas.

The folding nature, which have been created with practicality in mind rather than purely aesthetics, create sloping surfaces which diffuse natural light coming in from above and filling the interior with different lighting conditions.

Building Additions Solutions

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