Five reasons to choose glass partition doors in your office space

What do Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs, the cobra in the Well of Souls (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) and Magneto in X-Men 2 have in common?

Yes: you’ve guessed it! They were all screened behind glass (or glass effect) partitions to protect the other characters in their respective films.

That’s the movies. But glass is also a great option for partition walling in real life. Indeed, there are many reasons for choosing glass wall dividers for your office. Here is our run down of the top five reasons for choosing glass partition doors and walls (and no, we haven’t included imprisoning people, mutants or snakes among the reasons).

1.      A professional environment

Glass gives an open and transparent feel to an office space, which has been said improves the professional feel. Everyone can see everyone else working so the sense of team-working is enhanced. Glass really opens up a space as well so you get the best of both worlds: partitioned space and an open feel.

2.      A stylish choice

There can be no doubt about it: wall glass and doors are very good looking.  Because they do not require frames they offer an uncluttered look when installed in your office. They are also great at showing off the existing features of a building making them a particularly appealing choice if your office has such features to show off. You can choose to have the glass partitions finished with polished or satin stainless steel fixings and can have a mixture of opaque and transparent glass to complete your stylish look.

3.      Natural sunlight

Another big advantage of choosing glass wall dividers is that they do not block out sunlight. According to this article on Psychology Today’s website, exposure to natural sunlight has the benefit of boosting staff well-being and performance. Another benefit of maximising the natural sunlight in your office is that you rely less on artificial light – so it could be a greener option and reduce your utility bills.

4.      Effortless operation – Silent and smooth

The Purefold glass folding wall system that we supply runs on nylon ball bearing rollers which means they can be operated by one person, opening and closing silently and smoothly. So you can get full use out of them without disrupting the wider office environment.

5.      A flexible solution

The Purefold system can be fitted with as little as two and as many as six panels; so can be used in a range of different spaces. The glass can be specified as 10 or 12 mm thick and the doors open and close in a flexible folding movement. You can really specify a system to suit you.

Glass door partitions 1

Purefold glass folding wall supplied by Building Additions

Purefold glass folding wall

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to choose glass folding walls for your office. It may be frowned upon to have a glass ceiling in your office, but we hope you will agree that glass walls will be altogether better received.

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