What to consider before choosing a commercial partition wall system

A partition wall system is a flexible way to get the most out of your commercial space. It gives you the freedom to choose between wide-open space one day, and smaller distinct spaces the next. In fact you don’t even need to switch on alternate days – commercial wall dividers can normally be opened or closed in a matter of seconds.

So a boardroom can be extended to accommodate a larger meeting, a nursery can close off part of a room for sleep-time, and a hotel can split a function room in two. But with so many uses how do you spec up the right movable wall partitions for you?

Here are three questions to consider to help clarify your initial thoughts.

What is the primary purpose of your partition wall system?

It helps to prioritise what you are trying to achieve. For instance if noise reduction is the most important factor then that would indicate that wood partitions were not a good option. Whereas if you wanted a partition that was effortless to open and close and could easily be cleaned then fabric may be the best choice.

Are there any fitting restrictions?

There are different installation methods. Some partitions hang from the ceilings whereas others are mounted from the floor. Determining which way you want yours fitted, or finding out whether the ceiling is load-bearing, will help with your decision.

What do you want your room dividers to look like?

Aesthetics are of course important. If you are exploring partition walling for a prestigious boardroom or the function rooms of a 5-star hotel, appearance may be crucial. Where as if you have some back-office space in mind then perhaps you may be more concerned with functionality.

We hope this points you in the right direction. You can browse our different systems here. And remember, we are always on the end of the phone and are happy to talk through all your questions to help you establish how you can get the most out of your commercial space with a partition wall system.