Improve Exam Conditions with Moveable Walls

Children working in a classroomPupils and teachers alike are in the final stretch of revision as exams, whether GCSE’s, A Levels, or University papers, are set to begin in late May. Whilst students focus on their chosen subjects in a bid to ace their exams, teachers adopt longer hours to provide solid support. But we mustn’t forget the pressure that our nation’s exam and data managers face too.

In fact, not only must staff ensure that the students are ready for the impending assessments but there are a number of key processes in the lead up to exam season to consider too. The team at Building Additions can help make the examination period that much easier. Find out more below:

The Role of an Exam Manager

This role is not as seasonal as one might think;  Not only must they submit entries correctly and to deadline, keep question papers & other examination materials secure, make the appropriate invigilation arrangements (ensuring that they undergo the relevant training), sorting desk ID cards (a JCQ requirement), but also deal with the comprehensive timetables supplied by examining bodies.

Exam Timetables

Adhering to timetables provided by the examining bodies is essential and a strict requirement. Dealing with exam clashes for example needs to be resolved whilst adhering to regulations and maintaining the integrity of the exam system.

But what is equally as challenging is ensuring a suitable environment for pupils to undergo examinations; particularly when multiple exams take place across the school in any one day. The need to make the most of available space to comfortably accommodate everyone is key. This is where Building Additions can step in and help make your job just that little bit easier.

Useable Space

Many educational facilities struggle with the lack of usable space within their grounds to manage the exam period.

The available space, or lack of it, can limit a range of activities that could take place. Moveable walls can offer a structured solution in design and planning processes for the weeks of exams ahead. So, rather than operating in one large single space folding partitions and moveable walls allow for versatile configuration to suit the needs of not only exam periods, but additional activities all year round. Furthermore, the partitions allow you to combine smaller classrooms to make the most of the available space.

Acoustic solutions are an excellent choice for such circumstances. Depending on the level of sound reduction that you require there are a number of options available to choose from to ensure that both exams and day to day lessons are not interrupted.

Complying to Health and Safety Standards

Over the years the Building Additions team have installed many moveable walls and folding partitions in educational facilities. We therefore fully understand the importance of Health and Safety.

We will ensure that products meet the requirements outlined by the Department of Education and Skills as well as the criteria detailed within the Governments Guide to Partitions in Schools. We also provide a full year guarantee on all products and include regular maintenance inspections as part of our after sales service so all health and safety checks are met way beyond installation.

More Help and Information

If you’re in need of more flexible space for the exam period, why not give our experienced team a call on 01373 454577 for more information regarding all moveable wall and folding partition solutions?