Creating flexible space in hospitals and surgeries

One of the challenges to our health service is the influx of unscheduled patients. Managing bed availability and placing patients in appropriate beds can become a logistical problem when capacity is reached. Whilst the hospital staff are not able to magic more beds from thin air, there are ways to make the wards more flexible in terms of segregation. Infection control is high on the priorities of hospitals and cross-infection can easily occur in hospital wards.

Folding Fabric Room Dividers

Folding fabric room dividers are a versatile space solution for this situation. A folding room divider can provide privacy and segregation within minutes should hospital staff need to cordon off a bed or particular area of a ward. They are economical, convenient and very easy to operate. They can be opened and closed by one person.


folding fabric room dividers in a hospital

hospital ward with folding fabric room dividers

Each fabric divider consists of an internal steel framework covered with robust vinyl coated fabric that runs on a heavy duty aluminium track. This system can be hung from a suitable support, negating the need for floor track. The system is a fully hinged concertina moveable partition.

Hygienic solution

The fabric covering is very durable; rot proof and water resistant making it the perfect material for use in hospitals and surgeries where hygiene is paramount. The material even resists the growth of mildew, mould, fungi and bacteria. The fabric is odourless, as well as being fully washable and stain resistant. Even if in constant use it will not crack or tear – all these products come with a 5 year warranty.

folding fabric room divider in a hospital ward with a skeleton

hospital bed with folding fabric room divider in white









Versatile solution

Each of these fabric folding wall systems will be specifically manufactured for the exact specification of the ward or room that it will be fitted to. They can be fitted and supplied to a wide range of openings and configurations. They can even be curved to create a crescent or arching room divider. Sometimes these systems are used to create corridors or just divide an area of a ward into smaller areas.

folding green fabric room divider in a hospital


How can we Help?

Here at Building Additions we have been manufacturing folding walls for many years, we have the experience to ensure the right system is designed and built to exactly suit your purpose. For further information or advice please call us on 01373 454577.