Create Multifunctional Event Space With the Right Partition System

creating functional space for events with a a partition systemA moveable wall or partition system can be a valuable addition to any event space, allowing the room to be adapted for different occasions and make maximum use of what space is available. The flexibility of being able to divide a room into two separate areas enables events to be run simultaneously, saving time and money.

If you’re considering a partition system for your event space, here are a few factors you should take into consideration before choosing which system is best suited to your venue.

Walls for Any Space

Our systems have been successfully implemented in numerous types of venues, from nurseries to conference centres; all effectively dividing space to suit their needs, a few examples of venues our walls have been installed in are:

Offices – If space is at a premium, having the flexibility to separate a larger area into two rooms allows for meetings to be held simultaneously.

Hotels – Hotel function rooms are often used for wedding parties and corporate events and by implementing a folding wall system you can host two smaller events at the same time. This not only makes your space more flexible but enables your hotel to run as usual for your other guests.

Conference and Exhibition Centres – As a space that serves many uses, these venues will often need to reduce and expand space from event to event; a moveable wall allows this to happen whilst enabling multiple events to run at the same time.

Schools & Nurseries – In these establishments, space often needs to be quickly divided to allow for classes or groups to be split accordingly, many educational establishments opt for our fabric concertina partition due to its ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Hospitals – In these high traffic environments where privacy plays a large role, users need to be able to quickly partition off a space for use. Our fabric concertina partitions are also popular in these establishments due to their ability to be kept sterile very easily.

Consider The Acoustic Requirements

If you are planning on dividing your space for multiple uses, the acoustic rating of the partition is an important factor. If both events are being interrupted by noise from the other, your clients are likely to be unhappy.

The measurement of sound is decibels (dB), our operable wall systems offer the highest level of sound installation (59dB) and are therefore the wise choice when acoustic performance is important, this could include busy offices with numerous telephones or conferences with distinct speakers.

If a top hung system is not feasible for your venue, a multi-folding partition system also provides reasonable sound insulation (38-45dB) these systems work well in meeting rooms where constant conversation may be intrusive to the adjacent side of the system.

If acoustic requirements are not an issue in your venue, a cheaper and more flexible system can be considered, our fabric concertina partition still provides sound insulation (15-35dB) however, conversation will still be semi-audible through the room. These systems are a cost effective solution if noise intrusion through the partition does not affect its users.

To decide on the most suitable system for your space, consider the dB output of the users.

Distance Voice Level
(ft) Normal Raised Very Loud
6 54 60 66
12 48 54 60
24 42 48 54

It is also worth taking into consideration the architecture of the room you are dividing, this encapsulates the original design, construction materials and general age and quality of the building. These factors will contribute towards ‘leakage’ of sound over or around the edges of the partition including through the floor or ceiling voids and along the piping.

Should I Consider a Manual or Electric Partition System?

Our partition systems have the option to be manual or electric, the electric systems are operated via a floor track system enabling them to close and open automatically. Both options offer different benefits to suit your venue:

  • Cost – If cost is key, as a rule of thumb electronic walls will be more expensive to your business due to the motor drive parts, excess installation time and accessories.
  • Practicality – As well as requiring less manual work, the opening and closing time of the electronic system is a lot quicker, this is something to consider if space needs to be opened and closed several times a day.
  • Reliance – Whilst our electronic partitions are not prone to failure, the manual systems are even less likely to experience problems due to the absence of motorised parts – if your venue is totally reliant on the partition system, we suggest a manually operated model.
  • Maintenance – Due to the motorised aspect of the electronic wall, they will generally require more maintenance and service than a partition that is manually operated.
  • Size – If the size of the wall is considerable, a manually operated wall would be necessary, the weight of a large wall would equal to excess strain on an electric system.

Create Practical Event Space

If you have a large hall or function room you want to make extra use of, Building Additions Ltd can provide a quality audit of your premises and recommend the best system for your needs. Call us on 01373 45477 for a free quote or advice.