How to Choose the Right Moveable Wall System

So you know you need a moveable partition wall. But you find the options available baffling!

We sympathise. It’s not like nipping down to your local supermarket to buy dinner. A moveable wall system is likely to be a one-off purchase but with a several technical points to get your head around. Below we outline some of the main things to consider to help you make the best decision.

But before we get down to the nitty-gritty lets run over the benefits of moveable wall systems. Identifying which benefits are most important to you will help inform your decision.

 The benefits of moveable partition walls

Regardless of the moveable wall system you choose the key benefit has to be the way they help you maximise the use of your available space by dividing off or opening up rooms on demand.

As well as being a visual barrier they also block sound – just as important in many cases.

And you can make a moveable wall system the centre point of a room by choosing a bespoke design to be printed on it. Or, if you want something less conspicuous you can opt for a range of other finishes to match it to the surrounding area.

 What to consider when choosing moveable partition walling

 The operation

Moveable walls can be operated either manually or electronically. An electronic system is more expensive but does mean you can open up or close off a room with not much more than the flick of a switch. A manual system requires a little more effort but offers additional flexibility in how the panels are stored when the wall is opened. Manual walls also have lower servicing costs. You can find out more about the pros and cons of the two modes of operation here.

Sound control

Premium moveable operable walls come with excellent levels of sound reduction as standard. The moveable walls that Building Additions supply give an enhanced acoustic performance of Rw 59db. This is effective enough to make shouting inaudible!

When considering acoustics it is worth checking how the moveable wall system is sealed at the top and bottom. It is also worth considering the more general environment of the room. How well will the surfaces and furniture absorb or reflect sound?

If your budget compels you to opt for a cheaper partition system then sound reduction may become a bigger issue. You may have the option to specify a level of sound reduction but it may not be as effective as a moveable wall.

The look

This will depend on the setting around the moveable wall. The good news is that there is lots of choice. This means you should be able to match the finish of the moveable walls to the rest of the room. Alternatively you may want to consider turning the walls into a feature by printing something bespoke on them. You can see an interesting example of how one school did this here.

The limitations of the room

The main consideration here is the capacity of the ceiling to suspend the moveable wall. If it cannot bear the load then you will be restricted to a floor track system and would not be able to go for electronic operation. The same is true if the space is too high or too wide.

We hope this helps make sense of your options when choosing a moveable partition wall. We manufacture and supply bespoke moveable walls and you can learn more about our product here. If you have any questions do call us on 01373 454577 and one of our experts will be happy to assist. We can also provide a no obligation site visit and survey should you desire one.