Operable Folding Walls Flexible Partition System Writhlington School

Operable Folding Walls form part of a Flexible Partition System at Writhlington School

Operable folding walls and folding partitions offer a bespoke solution for schools and colleges looking for a flexible approach to managing their available space. Building Additions designed and installed a tailor made solution for Writhlington School in Radstock, enabling them to accommodate their expanding student population more easily.

The high performing school for 11-18 year olds needed to make the valuable space it had in its hall and stage building much more useful for its 1300 students. The solution was to refurbish the large 1950’s hall and to separate it into areas that could be used simultaneously for different purposes with foldable walls and flexible partition systems.

When open the system would allow the hall to perform the usual functions of providing a good venue for large performances and open evenings as well as providing good teaching spaces for two classes of drama and a permanent area at the back of the hall for assemblies when closed.

The challenge came when creating the assembly area. Andy Ferris of Building Additions explained, “Our folding fabric partition was specified for this area but because of the suspended ceiling design of the allocated assembly area, there was no support for the partition to be top-hung and installed in the typical manner. We therefore provided a floor supported model instead and concealed the floor track it ran on so that it would not be a tripping hazard.”

For the stage area, double operable folding walls were installed so that the stage and the area in front became teaching rooms when closed. Here Building Additions used its Acoustic model with sound reduction properties so classes could be held simultaneously without disturbance.

Business manager for the school Chris Hobbs said, “The solution has worked very well. We feel like we have gained 3 rooms out of it and much more flexible space. We also use the operable folding walls on stage instead of a curtain and this has worked very well during performances.”

Building Additions’ fabric coated partitions are ideal for use in educational environments because they are cost effective, glide silently and easily and have a durable easy-clean surface material that comes in a range of colours.

Our operable walls, which consist of solid individual wall panels that interlock into place when pulled across, are also perfect for schools and colleges particularly for areas where sound insulation is required.

To find out more about how operable folding walls or partition systems can help create a more flexible, multi-purpose space within your school or college contact the Building Additions team on 01373 454577.