Multi Folding Partitions Help Woodlands Golf Club Unique Space Conferences Weddings

Multi Folding Partitions help Woodlands Golf Club create a unique space for Conferences and Weddings

Multifolding Partitions from Building Additions were installed at the Woodlands Golf and Country Club as part of a refurbishment project to enable the club to maximise the space it had available for its conference and wedding business.

The partitions were a key component in the quarter of a million pound refurbishment. Project designers Keith Lander Designs, were tasked with creating a multifunctional space in the clubhouse which could be used to generate additional business as well as providing a lounge area for golfers.

“Multifold partitions were the perfect solution. They allow the clubhouse to be subdivided when required so that a variety of events can be hosted at once”, said Keith Lander.

The need for good acoustics was important to the specification of the partitions, so that events could occur alongside each other without noise disturbance. Mr Lander explained, “ We were very impressed with the sound reduction properties of Building Additions’ Multifold partitions. We also knew that the company is experienced in high specification fields, like education, so the partitions would meet our high performance requirements.”

Five Multi folding partitions were specified in a Cherry finish to complement the cherry wood bar and the modern-prestige design scheme.

These Multi-folding walls are ideal for when there is a need for the weight to be on the floor when the support structure is not load-bearing. The system consists of continuously hinged panels that are locked into place every second panel. The last panel always operates as a communicating door and the system can either be single or Bi-parting. They have an acoustic seal at the floor and ceiling, achieving a sound reduction rating of 38dB – 45dB.

Commenting on the project, Woodlands owner David Knipe said, “The partitions look really good and are easy to use, but more importantly they have made the clubhouse space more useable. This means we can achieve a higher turnover of events and capitalise on our prime conference location just off the M4/M5 near Aztec West.”

To find out how Multifolding partitions could help your clubhouse or country club achieve more flexible space to accommodate other activities contact Building Additions for an initial Free Consultation and Survey.