Acoustic and Soundproof Moveable Walls

One of the issues arising from a having a multi-functional space is that when the area is to be divided into two separate rooms it is likely that you will not want sound to be travelling between the two. This would be the case in either an educational premises like a school or in an event space where two different functions would be taking place at the same time. In commercial buildings, an office for example, it may or may not be so important for the airborne sound to be diminished.

Therefore choosing the type of moveable wall or folding partition that will best suit the purpose of the room will need to be carefully considered. The materials used for the partition will affect the acoustic properties of the wall as some are more soundproof than others. Also if the partition is made up of different elements i.e. including doors and glazing, each having different sound reduction characteristics the overall level of reduction will be lower than if the divider had been made of just one material. The leakage of sound through the surround structure of the building must also be taken into consideration.

The transferred sound between the separated spaces is measured in (dB). The table below shows the type of effect various levels of sound reduction will have.


Normal speech readily audible


Loud speech clearly audible


Loud speech clearly audible under normal circumstances


Loud speech audible but difficult to distinguish


Loud speech faintly audible but cannot be distinguished


Shouting audible but cannot be distinguished


Shouting barely audible


Shouting not audible

So depending on the sound reduction you require there are a number of options available to choose from:

Operable walls – the individual partition panels are built using an isolated steel frame and a multiple material infill which combined gives an enhanced acoustic performance of Rw 59dB.

Multi-fold Partitions – The individual panels in our folding wall partitions have a normal thickness of 68mm with hard wearing seals at the top and bottom giving an acoustic level of 38dB – 45dB.

Fabric Concertina Partitions – Our fabric partitions are available with four different levels of sound reduction; 15dB, 24dB, 30dB & 35dB to cater for different levels of sound proofing requirements.

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