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How to Choose the Right Moveable Wall System

So you know you need a moveable partition wall. But you find the options available baffling!

We sympathise. It’s not like nipping down to your local supermarket to buy dinner. A moveable wall system is likely to be a one-off purchase but with a several technical points to get your head around. Below we outline some of the main things to consider to help you make the best decision.

But before we get down to the nitty-gritty lets run over the benefits of moveable wall systems. Identifying which benefits are most important to you will help inform your decision.

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Five reasons to choose glass partition doors in your office space

What do Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs, the cobra in the Well of Souls (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) and Magneto in X-Men 2 have in common?

Yes: you’ve guessed it! They were all screened behind glass (or glass effect) partitions to protect the other characters in their respective films.

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Not just a folding wall – Design to suit the room

Versatility on event space is vital in order to be able to accommodate as many types and sizes of functions as possible. The flexibility of the usable space is a big part of that. There are so many public spaces, exhibition centres, auditoriums and educational spaces where moveable folding walls can be used to make the space as versatile as possible. We have all seen these types of wall in public venues:

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